Singtonia polyphonic choir was created in 1996. Today is composed by more than 30 people, directed by M° Caterina Capello, founder and soul of the group.

Since 1997, Singtonia proposes concerts, partecipates and organizes shows, cooperates with many associations, trying to bring everywhere, together with its repertoire, its unique and joyful style.

In November 2003, we cooperated with “Neri Per Caso” creating a concert in Teatro Valdocco in Torino on the occasion of a fund raising for Foundation for Research against Cancer.

In 2005 we took part to International Festival of Choral Music in Alta Val Pusteria (High Pusteria Valley, Trentino), with great interest from audience and insiders. In 2006 we were at International Choir festival in Praga (Czech Republic). (Movie The Lion in Praga)

In 2006 we took part in Torino to Culture Olimpic Games, with a concert entirely dedicated to origins for Gospel and Spirituals, with enthusiastic comments. In February 2006, during Winter Olimpic Games, we performed in piazza S. Carlo in Torino on the occasion of “white nights”, transmitting our “verve” to the large audience. (Movie Singtonia’s white night)

Starting from 2006 in cooperation with Coordinamento Musica of Moncalieri, Singtonia organized various shows and happenings: “CORI FUORI”, (movie Festival Cori Fuori) Choral music festival “on the road” in 2006 and 2007 and, in February 2008, “M’ILLUMINO DI MENO, M’ILLUMINO DI NOTE”, (movie M’Illumino di Meno) , a “candlelight” choir festival  during International energy saving day.

In 2008 we were at International Choir Music Festival in Salisburgo (Austria). In 2010 we represent Torino at International Choir Music Festival in Amsterdam (Holland). (Movie Singtonia in Amsterdam)

We have 5 CDs in our history: “A Cappella” – February 2000, “Con La Voce” – December 2004, “D’Altro Canto” – November 2010 (movie 1 and movie 2 ), “Natale in Singtonia” – November 2011 and “Cori Fuori” – November 2014.

Our repertoire is rich and varied for number of songs and variety of genres: Gospel, Spiritual, African Ethnic and Pop. What links everything is our Fil rouge: “a cappella” music, sung with only voices, without musical instruments. Sometimes we use some peculiar percussions…

In the last years Singtonia filmed some videos: “I Will Follow Him”, “The Mass” and “Java Choir”, sung and played entirely by the whole choir. In March 2011, with “The Mass”, our choir has won the audience prize at filmfestival “BravoMaBasta” in Milano.

Singtonia proposes an involving and happy show, with quotes from theatre, simple choreographies, use of sound gestures and body percussions (claps of hands, beat of feet, snap of fingers) and sometimes funny vocal effects as an imitation of musical instruments.

The magic and awesomeness, and typical virtuosity of a cappella music are always supported by the audience, as precious guest star of SINGTONIA shows.